Better Business Practices

How would you use Social Media in your business? Promotion? Interaction? Advertising? Any way you can?

I’m going to preface this story by telling you Mike Beaucham from The Golf Warehouse, and Will Scroggin from Cox Communications came to our social media class on 9/14/11.

Okay, so before they came I was wondering how businesses around the Wichita area communicated using social media. Well, it was interesting to see them use it in such a conversational and proactive way with their customers. I honestly cannot tell you how many times I have complained about Cox Communications internet services before on the internet. So if I were to use my twitter account to complain, I would be shocked to see a response from Will. I think using Twitter to find people who are having problems with your service, and helping those people out with this service is one of the best uses of Twitter for businesses. I used to feel that businesses are a nonbreathing entity, and the only communication from this conglomerate will be by low-level employees asking you to swim through red tape, or by the accounting department.

Businesses only responded when a customer told the business there was a problem. This meant the customer had to go through the experience, contact the business, and then explain the problem. That process is a lot of work. People generally just complain about what happened, going through the process takes time and having to find the right person to complain to. Now, anyone can just hop on Twitter and complain, and, something that would surprise me, a person from the company is there to get feedback from the person. What Will does at Cox allows him to communicate to people on their terms, not the business’s, and this gets feedback to the business it otherwise would not have received. Yes the feedback is negative, but it helps them improve their product and their image by being proactive.

Mike at The Golf Warehouse uses Facebook to create conversation with his customers and promote products. The deals he posts on the page receive good responses; you can track that with Facebook page traffic and in house sales. Aside from using Facebook to promote products, I felt as though using it to interact with customers on a personal and fun level was a great idea. I especially liked the poll for what to do to the boss’s office after he left early. That creates traffic to your Facebook, lets customers take part in your business, and creates a reason for people to go to your page, which also happens to show off products. It’s using interactivity to get people to a webpage, creating a perception of fun on the page, all while exposing them to ads you placed.

So what about businesses not using social media right now? How should they implement this into their marketing? Creating a Facebook, Twitter and blogs = free. Having someone update, follow, and interact = hourly wage. The cost of creating social media is not the problem, rather the problem lies with having someone manning it. Social media is a great way for businesses to talk to other businesses, customers, or both.

So your company has decided to use social media now! That’s great! How are you going to use it? What plans do you have? What sites will you use to talk about what? What strategies do you have? …hmmm. This is a little more complicated now huh. Specific social channels have specific roles. Blasting the same message across two different channels will not get the same result either way, in fact people will realize you’ve done this. You will want to know what your target audience uses as their social channel, and go from there. Lets go make an example-

Bertrand’s company, Bertrand’s Bottoms, sells shoes. His company employed 15 people, now 16 (the social media guru). As the social media guru how do you approach getting his business more interactivity on the web while increasing sales and staying within budget? You are told that during certain sporting seasons certain products, sporting shoes, move faster than others, and this cycle continues throughout the year. Bertrand is a stickler too, he doesn’t want to spend any more money than he has to, yet he wants a quality message out there.

You want to set the expectation for your customers. I would suggest using the Twitter account to find people looking for shoes. Say you get on there and you search #running. People are saying their feet hurt from their shoes, well post to #running and talk directly to these people to let them know @BertrandsBottoms has a great shoes that will help them with their running and won’t hurt their feet. Using Will’s model Twitter can also be used to find negatives about your business. Say someone mentions how the shoes fell apart after purchase. Talk directly to them to see if you can help. This improves your image, and your product (you might not have known any problems arose with this specific shoe until now). Use Facebook to promote deals and interact with your customers. Create a flow of customers who will visit your page and see your product. Make a weekly deal that will help sell those out-of-season shoes and get interactivity on your page. Tweet your followers to check out your Facebook for sweet deals coming up.

There is no definite equation to get you more interaction from social media. F + T = More interaction and better sales does not always work. However, when used effectively F + T + Interaction + Updates can= More Visitation.

Social media moment of the week right here –

This taxidermist had a video made for his business. I’m not sure where he posted it at, but it was so ridiculous that Reddit and Digg communities loved it and his video has had tons of hits and parodies. While tons of hits does not necessarily mean more product, or in this case animals, moved, it does mean that people know of his business.


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  1. Great post. It was in depth and analytical. Rhett and Link, Commercial Kings made that commercial and they are the epitome of what social media can do for you. The only reason they have money or anything is because of people sharing their videos on facebook and twitter. Pretty interesting stuff.

    -Ryan Dame?
    (nope, Chuck Testa)

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